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Unity Vibration Kombucha stands for ‘UNITY’, Creativity and Oneness. We deeply care about the beverages we produce FOR YOU as well as their impact on our Community and the World. We source ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE ingredients, sell our beers now in more recyclable and lighter cans for lower CO2 emissions during shipping, and our Tap Room supports non-profits monthly. Our beer and tea are CERTIFIED VEGAN (Read about BevVeg) because we care about our planet, animals and your health! We also infuse each and every batch with sacred 528 hz sound vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls, brew with STRUCTURED WATER for your optimal hydration (Read About Structured Water), and inscribe our brew vessels with positive affirmations (Read About Hado)



UV Kombucha is 100% AUTHENTICALLY BREWED and fully fermented, which is why it contains more than the legal limit of 0.5% alcohol by volume. It is never diluted, pasteurized, distilled, adulterated, or bottled before being fully fermented. We do not add GMO bacteria to it either. It is fully fermented for optimal LIVING health benefits and taste. It contains natural probiotics, plant adaptogens, healthy acetic acid (like in apple cider vinegar), gluconic acid, malic acid and lactic acid. UV Kombucha is just like you would make in your kitchen and made just for YOU!

Fan Love

My husband and I were just introduced to your products. Both of us have a lot of food and chemical sensitivities and your drinks are the ONLY kombucha products we have found that are not heavy-handed in flavor or ingredients (light and sweet without being syrupy or too strong) and do not cause profound GI and UG pain. While I can’t tolerate the non-alcoholic versions due to the addition of spices/herbs, what a delight to discover the probiotic benefits of your fruit-based 8% alcohol versions! Sorry you can’t deliver nationally to CA at the moment, but I will be looking for a store from which to acquire your product. Good job! Thank you so much.
-Helen H, Murrieta, CA

Love me some Unity Vibration Kombucha!!!! One of the best places to drink and hang out with friends!😎❤️🌈
-Kam, Ypsilanti, MI

I love them all, but Funky Ginger is my favorite!
-btownj, IG

Best Hard Kombucha ever!!!
-Karla, Port Saint Lucie, FL

I’m so happy to find your product, superior stuff and cant believe you were the original!👏😄

I love kombucha and I love beer, so why not combine them? And these guys did a killer job! Light, refreshing, and effervescent with just a little warmth…Love love love!
-princess_of_darktales IG, Denver, CO

OK true story, I have never been a kombucha fan. It’s a long story I was in the natural food industry for a very long time but I’ll have to tell you one day in person but anyway. Every Sunday my friend comes up to the store and we have a couple of beers and this past Sunday it was his turn to buy the beer and he didn’t know about my kombucha thing and he brought two of your beers up here and I got to tell you, I’m a fucking believer now
– from Gentle Vibes Vintage

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